About me…

My name is Sascha Schneider (41 years old) and I’m from Oberhausen, Germany. Sports photography is part of my life since 2014. For me it’s more then just work as I would say it’s also a passion. I’m always trying to improve my workflow or my pictures composition. I love working with the local teams and I enjoy the co-working and networking with all the contacts from the different federations, sport clubs and so on. I don’t care if the event is a single game on a regional sport team or the World Championship in Icehockey. At the end the work and my aspiration to it is always the same. Be professional, Be kind, Be good!

I hope you can enjoy my pictures and my work and with it the results from a day of work. Feel free to check the ones I share. If you have a request or a questions you can use the contact formular or you can always contact me at the events itself. More news are available at my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and flickr page.

Thanks for visiting my page and maybe we see us soon at a location nere to you!

Best regards
Sascha Schneider